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"The Fearless Networking Workshop provided another dimension to the concept of networking for a successful job search.  TM's homework assignments prepare you for a deeper discussion in the workshop.  She will push you 'out of your comfort zone' in a gentle, constructive and effective way, to allow you to discover what is holding you back from being the best networker you can be.  TM's workshop along with her caring, inquisitive approach will challenge you to self discovery, but also provide you with the courage and strength to move to the next level of confidence and success in networking.  Fearless Networking is well worth the additional financial investment, if you desire to be a fearless networker!"

Carole Andrew

* * *

I have had the good fortune to work with Theresa Maria Napa for several months and find her to be both an exceptional career coach and human being.  She comes to each session with a smile, can do attitude and an impressive array of tools and experiences that she brilliantly uses to tease out emotions and thoughts that lie below the surface and that at times are hard to articulate.

She adeptly guides her clients to discover their passion and to build opportunities around those passions that yield financial compensation.  Theresa Maria (TM) understands that we must be passionate about what we do but unlike other coaches with whom I have worked, TM does not focus on just getting a job.  She masterfully works with her clients to help them identify a vocation that is in alignment with their personal values.  Her success in this area lies in blending the intuitive with the practical. 

I am a much better person because of my work with her.

Consuella Brown
Brown Consulting

* * *

“I have had the pleasure and good fortune of knowing Theresa Maria Napa for the past 29 years not only as a colleague but as a friend. She has also coached me through many difficult situations including a divorce, career changes and the trials of single motherhood. . As a friend she is very supportive and an excellent listener.

As a coach, besides being the most enlightened person I know, she has the knack to direct and lead you to finding your own answers to whatever the situation may be. She is a woman of many talents who constantly reinvents herself, growing, learning and teaching. I owe a great deal of my success to Theresa and constantly refer to all the things she has taught me or directed me to learn. She is a great coach and a wonderful human being.”

Anne Retzlaff
Director, Siemens

* * *

"I love working with Theresa Maria, especially her knowledge, energy and sense of humor.  Her guidance keeps me on task yet allows me to celebrate my accomplishments on my journey to a new career.  Her insights into starting a business has helped me to make progress week after week. 

Shari Pontillo - Owner
Twisted Fiber Studio

* * *

“In less than a month working with TM I reached positive results in business and self-care. I received two referrals for photo shoots, started practicing yoga at least 3 times a week and at one networking event made several valuable connections.

TM truly cares about seeing you become your very best. She's supportive, compassionate and gives 110% to her clients. I highly recommend her coaching services to get from where you are to where you want to be."

Paul Berg
Award Winning Photographer

* * *

"As a good friend and trusted advisor, TM helps me establish personal and professional goals. She provides advice, coaching and direction to set personal goals, keep me accountable and on-task to meet those goals.

Although I've only been working with TM for a short time in her capacity as a coach, it is my opinion that she has the tools and abilities to help me tip my career and business over the edge helping me maintain accountability, and laying out the steps it is going to take to reach the next level. Already I am beginning to see results by better prioritization of tasks, better time management, and developing stronger strategic relationships, which are ultimately going to result in increased revenues and profits.

I would recommend her to Executives or Professionals looking to elevate their performance."

Kevin T. Serafin, P.E.
Vice President

* * *


Accountability, accountability, accountability. Even for the most goal oriented of us, TM provides just the right push and follow-up to help me reach and surpass the goals set.

Michele S. Katz, Esq.
Husch Blackwell Sanders Welsh & Katz

 * * *

Theresa-Maria’s insights are refreshingly profound. Simply by changing a word, T-M can direct you on a interesting journey complete with new energy. She is tender, loving, and direct in facilitating personal and professional growth.

Kelly Gorz, D.N.
Synergy Health Associates

* * *

"The work I have done with Theresa has directly related to my job as an administrator at a university. From our work together, I have been a better and more effective communicator and leader during challenging times."

Liz T

* * *

I had the pleasure of meeting Theresa-Maria Napa, founder of Right Track Coaching, through The Chicago Convergence (formerly Chicago New Media Summit) website of which we are both members. I recall formatting my “website page" with a motive of wanting to attract cool people. What I ended up attracting was/is an amazing Leadership Coach!

First off, I was in for a real treat just by her initial comments/introduction. Theresa-Maria has a cherubic nature that is apparent even in her written communications with you. So after learning what Theresa-Maria offered, I immediately signed up for her e-newsletters at Talk about opportunities! Right Track Coaching offers a variety of rewarding leadership development programs and complimentary offers of which I have had the pleasure and success in participating in.

Theresa-Maria is a kind, cheerful, graceful, respectful and encouraging Leadership Coach/Facilitator who always provides her clients with effective, professional and life impacting tools. And whether you complete a teleseminar, an e-class or one-on-one coaching, she's always available. In fact her follow up and timing is what will convince you that you've got the right Coach for whatever life phase you're in. You won't be the same after you've spoken/met with her. She's one of those people you're really happy to have in your corner. It's easy to get on the Right Track with Theresa-Maria!"

Erynne Elkins
Media Producer/Writer

* * *


I began working with Theresa Maria late last summer when I knew I was ready to make some life changes. In particular, I was considering leaving my current job where I work as an attorney due to the long hours. With the help and support of Theresa Maria I decided to ask for a reduced hours work schedule instead of leaving.

Theresa Maria assisted me in clarifying my personal values and aligning my values with what I needed at work. She also helped me to face various fears I had in asking for a reduced hours schedule, which is considered rare at my workplace.

Theresa Maria had said to me when we first began working together that the power in working with a life coach comes from the relationship between the life coach and the client. It truly is an interdependent relationship. I felt that Theresa Maria helped to bring out the best in me so I could make the best decisions for myself. Theresa Maria never forced or pressured me into making any decisions nor did she tell me what to do, rather her approach was to believe in me and help me to believe in myself.

I began to see that the answers really are within me and they just need time, encouragement and support to surface. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with Theresa Maria as my life coach.

Maria B , Attorney

* * *

Theresa-Maria’s style is non-judgmental, amiable, and methodical. In addition to being a good listener, she is articulate and compassionate. Her coaching is right on. I highly recommend her.

Kristine Amundson, M.A., M.S.

* * *


TM – Thank you for helping me realize that I have the power, choice and resources to change my life.

Theresa Duffy

* * *

TM offers sound advice and guidance with a strong, sensitive approach! In working with TM, I have gained great insights into how and why I stall my progress. TM asked the hard questions that forced me to dig deep and find the answers! It's never an easy or comfortable process to examine oneself but TM is there to guide with a loving touch!

Toni Reed, Broadcast Documentary Producer, Bernicola Productions, Inc


* * *

Through Right Track Coaching, TM offers the tools to help you create something distinctly yours. She will challenge you to answer the questions inside the question. These answers can prelude actions, these actions can reignite your imagination, and together they might propel you to make changes large and small.

Brian S.

* * *

Dear Theresa Maria

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter because my life over the past three (3) months has been greatly enhanced by your coaching. As you know, I was experiencing several problems such as, money management, excessive stress on the job, and trying to finish my degree in social work. With your coaching I was able to stay focused, envision what I would like to see happen in my life and plan how I was going to achieve it.

Your suggestion about accumulating wealth was a very powerful exercise for me and helped me gain control of my finances. I feel that my most challenging problem was the stress on the job because of the power struggles and the completion of a major building project. However, staying focused and remaining detached help me not only survive, but end the year with a great deal of support. With your coaching I was also able to finish my course work and graduate in December, which was a major achievement.

Coaching was a big investment for me, but the experience and the skills were invaluable and I would strongly encourage others to make the investment. You are very good at what you do and I am very grateful for the experience because I feel that I have also gained a friend. May your life be blessed and may you prosper. Sincerely,

Jean Campbell
Executive Director

* * *

Do you want some magic in your life? Then hire Theresa Maria Napa to be your coach. Gifted with intuition, experience and a big, loving heart, 'TM' will help keep your 'precious life' in balance and on the right track.

Mal Rudner, CPCC, MBA

* * *

Theresa Maria is a warm, loving, and intuitive life and relationship coach for leaders and singles. She coaches clients with integrity and challenges them to transform their lives, become effective leaders, and to discover the "love" in their lives. Her coaching is masterful. The results speak for themselves.

Myrna Lynn Hammerman, Ed.D., CPCC

* * *

TM is a genuine coach. She gives me guidance when I needed it and pulls me
up when I am down. I would love to have TM by my side all the time.

Janny Leung, Executive Vice President, MESA Technology

* * *

Firm, yet kind, TM weaves my issues together to get to the core problem. She then works with me to achieve solutions. She is an intuitive coach with 'heart.'

Deborah Reinhart, ASID

* * *

I met TM when I joined NAWBO. I was very unfamiliar with coaching. TM was very generous, offering me free samples to see if it was something I could use. She is now my coach, and has helped me in my endeavors.

Mercedes George, President, W. A. George Insurance Agency, Inc.

* * *

TM is more than a professional coach.

She is a mentoring guide who knows what you need at each specific step of your life journey.

If you follow her guidance, TM will teach you how to achieve your individual goals.

TM has given me the courage, guidance, wisdom and knowledge for me to re-write the script of my life and make my dreams a reality.

Ellen S. Miller, Adoptee, Life Story to be produced into a motion picture

* * *

The best thing I can say about Theresa Maria Napa is that she runs on "hard drive." She makes you work, but with a tender, caring touch, helping me figure out my goals and how to get there.

Sari Lipschultz, Account Executive, Added Incentives, Inc

* * *

TM is a kind and intuitive guide who knows how to live and laugh, and how to inspire you to do the same. Plus, she has a wonderful ability to tell you in no uncertain terms exactly what you need to hear, and to do it in such a caring and gentle way as to make you glad you listened. TM is a gift!

Valerie S. Beck, BA, JD, Founder, Romance Around the Corner



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