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August 2017 - From Basic Career Blueprint to Career Designing

“You’ll never find peace of mind until
you listen to your heart.”—George Michael

In This Issue:
- Basic Career Blueprint
- From Information Age to Conceptual Age
- Good Time for Renaissance Souls
- Courage to Listen to Your Heart
- Free “Career Design Planning Session”

Basic Career Blueprint Out of Date
For people who have multiple interests and talents making a decision in which career path to pursue can be overwhelming. For those brave enough to follow their heart’s desire, it can be a little simpler and more rewarding. The caveat, however, is there are no guarantees – nor is trying to control what no longer works a guarantee.

In a culture where the basic career blueprint was to choose a vocation (to be a Specialist), then follow that path through to retirement, ignored those who were wired to have multiple careers (Generalist or Renaissance Souls), such as Ben Franklin or Maya Angelou.

For me I believe, the world needs both. It needs the Mozarts and the Ben Franklins. The Mozart who focuses and expands their specialty to new horizons, and the Ben Franklin whose interests are more diversified with multiple purposes/visions. And right now the world is beginning to appreciate the person who has more than one career on their resume.

From Information Age to Conceptual Age
When the Industrial Age came into being the Agricultural Age was the mainstay of work – somewhere around 44%. Now it is estimated at 2%. Can you imagine how those in the agricultural field felt as their way of earning a living was disappearing? How do you think they felt with the new machinery taking over tasks they were doing by hand? As I write about it, it looks similar to how jobs in the U.S. were moved overseas and how robotics are doing jobs once done manually. Change is ongoing.

So there is no going back – no blaming – no sitting down pretending that things are here to stay – no making excuses.

Today as we move into a new age, some calling it “Conceptual Age” (Daniel Pink), from the Information Age, it is requiring new skills, new ideas, new technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and new lifestyle choices. How are you dealing with this new era we are experiencing?

Good Time for Renaissance Souls
For Renaissance Souls it is a good time to jump on the band wagon and explore your various interests as well as develop your dreams, strengths and talents. This is your time to shine and foster your curiosity to new heights.

If you are wondering if you are a Renaissance Soul here are three main characteristics of a Renaissance Soul:
There is a preference for variety over single-minded focus
Emphasis is on growth and evolution instead of rigid adherence to a plan
Rather than success begin defined by how high up the ladder you’ve climbed, success is defined by the challenges you’ve mastered.

Courage to Listen to Your Heart
The best way to start is by listening to your heart. Change is the opportunity to grow as we are meant to evolve and enjoy getting to know more of who we are becoming. The answers are within. It takes courage, trust, believing in yourself, commitment and action to live from authenticity of self, rather than believing in what you are told is best for you. No one has the answers better than you. But are you listening?

I so enjoy working with clients who have multiple interests and talents, aka Renaissance Souls. They are full of surprises. They are curious and fun. They wonder how they can make a difference and the difference comes from their authenticity in self-expression. I love their blossoming as I hold the space for their growth.

Free Career Design Planning Session
One of their biggest challenges when making a transition is which path to follow. How to get there. To help if you are looking to make a career transition, I am happy to offer a laser, complimentary “Career Design Planning” coaching session. It is easy to arrange from my website -

Wishing you living a life you love!
Theresa Maria aka TM

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based
on facts filed away just below the conscious
level.” —Dr. Joyce Brothers

P.S. Each of us are masters of our lives regardless of the circumstances. A good book to read to remind us is Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Theresa Maria "TM" Napa, CPCC, LOACC
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