Theresa Maria Napa - CPCC, LOACC
Right Track Coaching

A Gift

to help you make a career transition easily and effortlessly based on your passions




Career Transition Strategy  Coaching Session


Are you considering a career transition
but hesitate in taking action?

Are you a person with multiple interests
who is looking to make a career shift. but not
sure which career path to pursue?

Could it be you are a Renaissance
man or woman stuck in choosing

Do you find yourself in an unfulling
job that you feel you can't quit?

"You must do the things you
think you cannot do."-
-Eleanor Roosevelt



Complimentary Career Transition
Coaching Session 



The primary purpose of the career transition strategy coaching consultation gift is to help you ...

  • gain clarity as to what's the next step in your career transition -

  • identify a key stepping stone leading to the career you are meant to have -

  • look at any hidden challenges that may be getting in your way -

  • secrets to help attract a more engaging career -

  • come up with 3 agreeable accountability steps to get you closer to your ideal career -

  • look to see if having a career transition/leadership coach is a direction worth undertaking to support you in getting on your right career track -

  • and to have you leave the career strategy session feeling inspired, enthusiastic and with data to help you identify what's next.

To accept this gift of a Career Transition Strategy Coaching Session, please fill out the contact form and Theresa Maria will get back to you with availability within 48 hours.